A small part of what we do at Revival is help you eliminate debt. The larger part of our mission is to help you better understand the financial system. In doing so, it's equally important that you understand where and how we make money from your transactions.

Acquisitions. When we're acquiring debt that we plan to service on our platform, we are typically paying between less than $0.01 and $0.04 for each dollar of debt that you owe.

Pricing. When we say "at the same price it's sold to institutional investors" what we're referring to is the total range that a typical buyer/trader will see. In our experience, we have seen everything from below 50 percent to above the sticker price of the amount loaned out. In an effort to keep things as borrower friendly as possible, we set our initial fee structure between 5-10% of the transaction amount. That price point gives us room to increase pricing if it's neccesary to maintain the viability of the platform while staying true to our goal of giving people the same buying power that corporations hold.

Cancellations. We frequently apply to grants for the purpose of eliminating debt for borrowers at no charge. This presents a challenge that insiders will understand but the general public may not; how do we balance the maximum amount eliminated and age of the debt?

When we acquire portfolios for the purpose of elimination, we focus on three main factors:

  1. Target Demographic.No one likes the idea of helping the rich get richer. When we acquire debt to eliminate, we focus on acquiring in zip codes with the lowest incomes and target communities that are highly populated with Black and Latino borrowers.
  2. Date of Last Payment.We will never buy debt that is outside of the statute of limitations. Debt is only able to stay on your credit report for up to 7 years after the last payment that you have made; whether it be to the original lender or a debt collector. With that in mind, we focus on eliminating debt that will have the maximum impact to the borrowers in that portfolio.
  3. Total Amount.We know that the more debt we eliminate, the more validation it creates for our platform. This creates a slippery slope where you can easily begin to optimize for larger sums that create less impact for the people within it. For that reason, we always prioritze the impact it will have on borrowers' lives and credit scores above the total amount eliminated.

Revivsed June 6th, 2023.