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Bankers are incentivized to keep you in debt. We help you buy out your debt and build wealth. You choose.

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How Does It Work?

We use your bank and credit history data to price your loans.

Once your debt is sold, it's hard to track down who you actually owe. We figure that out for you and help you put in an offer to buy it out.

Eliminate your debt in one transaction or get started with a payment plan

We charge the same brokerage fee that we would to any other debt buyer so you get to access your loans far below anything else consumers can find across the market.

We report your account as paid to credit reporting agencies.

We're a licensed reporting agency so once we help you eliminate your debt, we help you get those bad marks off of your credit report as well.

More Savings Than You Can Believe

These are the stories of our customers who have joined us with great pleasure when using this crazy feature.

Look at god! This is saving me thousands on what I owe!

Mariann R.
$2,114 Saved

I am interested in seeing if Revival could help me with other debts.

Alan S.
$2,114 Saved

So I just pay $80 and that’s it? What's the catch?

Ryan M.
$734 Saved

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