How it Works

Why do big banks get to play by different rules than the rest of us? What if we could rewrite those rules? Here’s how we’re doing it.

Would you believe us if we told you it wasn’t that complicated?

Loans get bought and sold every day. Often time, this happens at a fraction of the amount that we as consumers are expected to pay back. This is how debt buyers make money. Borrowers usually never get to see the prices that their loans sell at. We’re changing that.

This, you can believe.

We start by pricing your loans

When your lenders report your loans to the credit bureaus, it contains data that can be leveraged to price out their value. Creating an account on our site and connecting your bank account gives us the data we need to better understand the value of your unique loan and how your lender values it which is essential in negotiations.

Our team has bought for or brokered with industry heavyweights

CitibankGoldmanBofAUS BankWells

Here, we value results

Now the ball is in your court. You see the price and get to decide if you want to make your offer with us. Here's why we think you should - too often, consumers go searching technology that can actually help only to get everything except results. Everything about our company culture is designed to change that and we expect our customers to hold us to it.

It's Always the 4th Quarter

We refuse to wait for last ditch efforts to pick up our intensity. Do the dirty work now, and like the company depends on it.

Rebellious at Heart

The second rule is to rewrite the rules. We exist to level the playing field between people and institutions. The status quo won't get us there.

Work Boots Not Lab Coats

Tell us what you did in the field, not in the lab, and how it can help everyday people save money.

Our Impact

We help you close the deal

Our tech gets your offer in front of your lenders in combination with the buying power of thousands of other consumers also looking to unlock more savings. Our strategy is putting buyout offers that would beat out what institutional investors would be willing to pay for your loans, yet still far below what you are expected to pay back so consumers can win more deals.


Debt Elimated