Debt Cancellations

TLDR: Revival Finance, Inc. or Revival, Inc. is a licensed debt collections agency that frequently eliminates debt at no cost for people through the use of grants and discretionary funds. Revival, Inc. does this through the process of acquiring people's debt in bulk, also known as a Debt Portfolio. Following the acquisition of the debt portfolio, Revival, Inc. will declare all debts within the portfolio canceled and corresponds with the three credit bureaus to have the accounts removed from borrowers' reports.

What's Happening? Revival, Inc. has just purchased a portfolio of debt that had one of your accounts in it. Luckily, you happened to be included in one that we are canceling free of charge. Included in our correspondence with borrowers are instructions for selecting whether borrowers would like to indicate their accounts as paid in full for borrowers that need to establish credit history or account removal which typically creates the largest credit impact amongst our borrowers. If/when borrowers fail to make a selection, Revival, Inc.'s default course of action is to proceed with account removal. Following removal, borrowers will only be contacted regarding additional services offered by Revival Inc..

Why We Do Debt Cancellations. Firstly, it's just the right thing to do. Tech companies spend billions of dollars on ads trying to get you to use their products. We'd much rather spend that money to get you out of debt. Secondly, we believe it helps spread awareness about how the financial system works, how we're looking to help borrowers and the difference between what companies pay for debt and the expectations for borrowers.

Too Good to be True? That depends on how you look at it. Are we really canceling your debt for free? Yes. Do we still want to make money from working with you? Also, yes. How we plan to do that is what makes Revival, Inc. different. Most Americans feel lost when it comes to their finances. Revival, Inc. is here to help with that. Eliminating debt is just the start of our relationship. Our hope is that we can grow with you and help you navigate the worlds of debt, investments, home ownership and even cryptocurrencies to get more people on the path to building wealth.

Impact. Borrowers can expect to see a 5-25 point bump on their credit score without creating any impact on their tax burden for the given year. See Taxation.

Rev. August 2022.