Daryl Holman Jr.

Founder & CEO

Daryl is first and foremost a fanatic older brother who always comes armed with a story about his latest adventure. Affectionately described by others as “someone you want on your team when sh** hits the fan”, Daryl brings that same intensity to the strategy and vision for Revival as he is always insistent on putting deals in front of consumers that feel like a home run.

Prior to his time in Student Debt advocacy, Daryl led design efforts for everything from small business support and Cannabis Legalization to grassroots efforts to stop broken windows policing.

Outside of work, Daryl is a marathoner, a novice sailor and that person who will facetime an old friend without any warning. More than anything, Daryl cares about access to opportunity and regularly volunteers and donates to organizations focused on helping people create a better life for themselves.

Daryl Holman Jr